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The Story of Jedi Master Jay Lyon PT 14
Echore and Jay soon arrive on Earth and set off to find Casdan Andori. What Jay could Remember, Qui Gon said Casdan is outside of Washington. The journey to find him may take days to find him, they decided to set up camp and rest for the night. As they slept, a mysterious figure walked into their camp. They look around and soon walk towards Jay and Echore. Echore slowly opened her eyes and looks up. She couldn't see who the figure's face, or the figure for that matter. The Figure extended it's arms, crotch down and picks her up. The morning sun shown across Washington D.C., Echore and Jay soon woke and and found a old, blind man, a Miraluka, in gray hair and a white tunic sitting on a rock. Jay rubbed his eyes to get a clear image to see who it is. At last, the figure spoke.

???: You two are in the wrong place, I see.
Jay: Casdan?....Casdan Andori?
Master Andori: I am; And when you two have your strength, I will help you two on your way.
Echore: On our way? No, We came her
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The Untold Story of Ravenswood Manor PT 30
Morning came at last, The 1st Militia did one more sweep of the area. They soon came across the skeletal remains of Melanie Ravenswood. They made a makeshift body bag and places her in her tomb. They gave a moment of silence and bid her a fond farewell. Ino managed to find flowers and left a bouquet of flowers at her tomb. For The Texas Brigade, The 1st Militia made a makeshift moment of The Texas Brigade. They made two rifle stacks and their flag unfurled. A makeshift plaque reads "Here lies The Texas Brigade, Brave men and so true. They Fell to The Union Army in The Uniform of Blue." They took off their hats and gave a moment of silence. After that, They saluted to their fallen enemy and went on their way. Johnny Blaze left Thunder Mesa to continue his journey. Meanwhile, at The Lucky Nugget, General Lyons was packing up his belongings when Harvey Bentley came in. Harvey saluted to General Lyons and General Lyons saluted by to Harvey in return.

Harvey Bentley: General...
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The Force Is Strong by Legodecalsmaker961 The Force Is Strong :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 5 1
The Story of Jedi Master Jay Lyon PT 13
Darth Phantom and Darth Dredra had taken Jay to the planet Corellia. Bound in binders and his lightsaber taken away. He was taken to Darth Phantom's Fortress. The Fortress stood at the edge of Coronet City, it's capital. Darth Phantom's Fortress looms over the capital with is 10 foot walls and a combination of Ryo Fortress, Dread Fortress and Count Dooku's Palace. Taken to nerve center, Jay was being beaten up and thrown around like a rag doll. Fueled with Darth Phantom watched at Darth Dredra beat up and thrown Jay around the room. Darth Phantom ordered Dredra to stop. The Zabarak stopped and dragged Jay over to Darth Phantom. Jay got on his knees, faced Darth Phantom. Darth Phantom starred angrily at Jay.

Darth Phantom: You left me in the wreckage to die. I stayed alive by focusing my hatred one you.
Jay smirked in a joking matter.
Jay: And you at you're even more hideous then before.
Darth Phantom growled in anger at him and starred at Jay.
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Kento Golbar by Legodecalsmaker961 Kento Golbar :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 3 0 Vonom Midshed by Legodecalsmaker961 Vonom Midshed :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 6 0
The Untold Story of Ravenswood Manor PT 29
At The Gates of Fort Comstock, The 1st Militia formed ranks and readied themselves. Sergeant Porter's troops manned the gates with their weapons locked and loaded. General Lyons turned his head to his men and his friends.

General Lyons: Listen up guys, things might be quiet now, but keep your guard up; who know what is out there.
Everyone nodded in agreement. Private Desean A. Jackson and few others gently pushed on the gates and moved back with the others. The Jedi ignited their lightsabers and prepared their selves. General Lyons brandish his sword and pointed his sword at The Ravenswood Manor. And, altogether, the 1st Militia slowly moved towards The Ravenswood Estate. As they venture forward, They felt an icy chill around them. The fog hung around the town and the manor, it seems Death had sat at meditating on the threshold. As they reached the gates, They heard the sound of somebody moving. The 1st Militia halted and stayed where they are. Through the fog are figur
:iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 1 0
The Story of Jedi Master Jay Lyon PT 12
On their Journey to find Darth Phantom and destroy him, Echore set the ship on auto-pilot. What Jay heard was true, Darth Phantom had survived and is out on a hunt to find Jay and kill him. Darth Phantom lose parts of his face, both arms - his right was gone at the wrist and his left at the elbow and both of his legs. He had taken on an apprentice, A Dathomirian Zabrak named Darth Dredra.
While the ship cruise slowly, Echore went in the back to see Jay. Jay was checking out his new cybernetic arm. Jay sensed Echore coming in. he looked up and saw her sitting down.
Echore: How are you doing, Jay?
Jay: I'm hanging in there.
Echore: We should come across his ship any minute now.
Jay: Good; the sooner we find that monster, the better.
There was total silence in the back; only the sound of the ship was heard. They haven't said a word until Echore broke the silence.
Echore: Hey, I have to ask, why did you become a Jedi, Jay?
Jay: Because, I w
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The Untold Story of Ravenswood Manor PT 28
The 1st Militia stood in silence with their rifles leveled, swords and lightsabers pointed at The Phantom. None of them breathed a word until The Phantom broke the silence.

The Phantom: My, resistant you people are.
General Gracey (Angry) : Get away from her. I nearly lost her once; and I don't intend to let it happen again.
General Lyons: Do what he says, Henry; He's not playing around here.
Sergeant Major George F. Adams: And we ain't fooling either.
Then, Melanie became shocked from what The 1st Militia said.
Melanie (Shocked) : Father?! No....No, It can't be!
The Phantom: Ignore them, Melanie; they are telling you nothing but lies.
General Gracey (Angry) : I'm warning you, Henry. (Brandishing his sword) Step away.
The Phantom: You dare draw your sword at your dear friend, Master Gracey?
General Gracey (Angry) : My patience is wearing thin! Melanie, please, move aside! Henry is lying to you.
General Lyons: Yes; and we know what happened. Your
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Alex Lyon by Legodecalsmaker961 Alex Lyon :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 3 0 Allec Newkean by Legodecalsmaker961 Allec Newkean :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 1 0 Jaxmar Condow by Legodecalsmaker961 Jaxmar Condow :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 1 0 Jay Lyon by Legodecalsmaker961 Jay Lyon :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 2 11 Jar Wolffee by Legodecalsmaker961 Jar Wolffee :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 2 0 Jeffian Frihard by Legodecalsmaker961 Jeffian Frihard :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 1 0 CT-1774 'Bullseye' by Legodecalsmaker961 CT-1774 'Bullseye' :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 1 0


PrequelRobes by UndefiableMadness PrequelRobes :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 1 0 swtorSupremeCommander by UndefiableMadness swtorSupremeCommander :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 2 1 swtorJediConsular by UndefiableMadness swtorJediConsular :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 2 0 swtorJediKnight by UndefiableMadness swtorJediKnight :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 1 0 swtorOrgusDin by UndefiableMadness swtorOrgusDin :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 2 1 swtorRepublicTrooper by UndefiableMadness swtorRepublicTrooper :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 1 0 swtorSithOfficer by UndefiableMadness swtorSithOfficer :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 1 0 swtorSithTrooper by UndefiableMadness swtorSithTrooper :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 1 0 swtorSithAcolyte by UndefiableMadness swtorSithAcolyte :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 1 0 swtorSithWarrior by UndefiableMadness swtorSithWarrior :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 2 0 swtorSithInquisitor by UndefiableMadness swtorSithInquisitor :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 1 1 swtorSithSorcerer by UndefiableMadness swtorSithSorcerer :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 1 0 swtorDarthMarr by UndefiableMadness swtorDarthMarr :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 2 0 swtorJaricKaedan by UndefiableMadness swtorJaricKaedan :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 1 0 swtorSyoBakarn by UndefiableMadness swtorSyoBakarn :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 1 0 swtorVitiate by UndefiableMadness swtorVitiate :iconundefiablemadness:UndefiableMadness 1 0



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I got one more week of school left and I'm home free. All I have to do now is to take me finals and I'm free from school; forever.Victory Dance 


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John (Johnny Boy) Lyons
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I make comics to support the things I like. Like, Naruto, anime, Ben 10, Lego, Etc. I costimize lego minifigures for my minifigure collection.

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