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Palpatine Arrest Team by Legodecalsmaker961 Palpatine Arrest Team :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 6 0 Gwen by Legodecalsmaker961 Gwen :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 2 0 CT-5555 'Fives' by Legodecalsmaker961 CT-5555 'Fives' :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 5 0
The Story of Jedi Master Jay Lyon PT 20.1
After The Celebration of The Destruction of The Second Death Star, Luke was wondering how Jay lost his arm. He found Jay outside of the village and caught up to him.

Luke: Master Lyon...
Jay stopped and turned to Luke. He saw and concern look on his face. Luke saw his arm and now he wants to know how did he lose it.
Luke: You never told me you lost your arm.....How did you lose it, Master
Luke's words hit Jay like a thunder bolt. He placed his hand on his prosthetic arm and turned away. Taking a deep breath, he began to tell Luke how he lost his arm.

Jay: Luke....I lost this arm two times.....The first time, I was a Padawan, just 17 years old....I was temporarily assigned to a Nautolan Jedi Master named Kit Fisto. We head to Dantooine to fought Echore Medina, who was a Sith at the time, at a base. She knocked out Master Fisto and I fought her, until she cut my arm off, just at the elbow. She told me I was fool to face me. If wa
:iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 1 0
Telling Luke by Legodecalsmaker961 Telling Luke :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 2 0
The Nightmare At Sleepy Hollow Part 4
While Jay, his sister and Company I of The 1st Militia left to find Immortal Continental Baum, Johnathon was sitting at the shore of Tarrytown Lake. He felt betrayed deep down. How could Jaina Rodgood knew about his past? As he stare out into the lake, he could hear the faint sound of a horse galloping; and a faint sound of The Horseman laughing at him. Johnathon became angrier.

Immortal Continental Baum (Whispers "German") : Lass mich sein oder bekämpfe mich du Bastard. Ich bin genau hier "Leave me be or fight me you bastard. I'm right here".
???: Thinking about something, Mr. Baum.
Johnathon turned his head and saw Satele standing behind him, next to a tree. She looked worried for him. She heard about his past and wanted to comfort him. She walked up to him and sat next to him. Johnathon blushed and looked away. He slightly turned his head to Satele. Her strawberry blonde hair glowing in the sunlight. Johnathon didn't know what to do....he felt like getting up an
:iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 1 0
Story Ideas

Brothers in Arms
Plot: Jedi Master Jay and Hidden Leaf Jōnin Johnuto Lyonsaki head out on a mission to find a Shinobi/Separatist outpost and stop them.

Matthias: A Brother's Story
Plot: The story of James and Martin Matthias, how they go from Civil War Soldiers to Jedi of The Order.

The Empire Cometh
Plot: The Galactic Empire comes to Earth and attacks to find The Jedi who survive Order 66 and have them arrested.

Windu: The Survival
Plot: The Story of Jedi Master Mace Windu's survival.

Bullseye: The Story of The First Clone Trooper Jedi
Plot: The Story of The Jedi's first ever Clone Trooper Jedi.

The Story of Jedi Master Alex Lyon
Plot: After learning about Jay's St
:iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 3 1
Inquisitor Troopers by Legodecalsmaker961 Inquisitor Troopers :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 5 0 Before They Were Jedi by Legodecalsmaker961 Before They Were Jedi :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 1 3 James Matthias (Union Soldier) by Legodecalsmaker961 James Matthias (Union Soldier) :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 1 0 Martin Matthias (Confederate Soldier) by Legodecalsmaker961 Martin Matthias (Confederate Soldier) :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 1 0 Official JohnXNaruko Shipping Pic by Legodecalsmaker961 Official JohnXNaruko Shipping Pic :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 2 0 Darth Phantom's Lightsaber Hilt by Legodecalsmaker961 Darth Phantom's Lightsaber Hilt :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 1 1 Darth Phantom's Lightsaber by Legodecalsmaker961 Darth Phantom's Lightsaber :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 2 1 Union Army General Uniforms by Legodecalsmaker961 Union Army General Uniforms :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 2 0 Allec Newkean's Lightsaber Hilt by Legodecalsmaker961 Allec Newkean's Lightsaber Hilt :iconlegodecalsmaker961:Legodecalsmaker961 3 0


Timothy the Ghost Train by indominus4356 Timothy the Ghost Train :iconindominus4356:indominus4356 14 2 Madison (Thomas and Lady's daughter) by Traininspector11G2 Madison (Thomas and Lady's daughter) :icontraininspector11g2:Traininspector11G2 16 3 Diana Winter in Austria, 1945 by MukyuCat Diana Winter in Austria, 1945 :iconmukyucat:MukyuCat 2 0 USAF Portrait Col.Takumi Langster by MukyuCat USAF Portrait Col.Takumi Langster :iconmukyucat:MukyuCat 2 2 [Commission] CPO1 Nicholas Mendoza by MukyuCat [Commission] CPO1 Nicholas Mendoza :iconmukyucat:MukyuCat 4 3 [My Epic] Napha's Official Portrait by MukyuCat [My Epic] Napha's Official Portrait :iconmukyucat:MukyuCat 4 0 Napha's Speech by MukyuCat Napha's Speech :iconmukyucat:MukyuCat 3 0 WWII U.S.Army Paratrooper CLASS-A UNIFORM by MukyuCat WWII U.S.Army Paratrooper CLASS-A UNIFORM :iconmukyucat:MukyuCat 5 0 Continental Army Girl by MukyuCat Continental Army Girl :iconmukyucat:MukyuCat 5 0 Hardcase by QuillSpirit15971 Hardcase :iconquillspirit15971:QuillSpirit15971 8 1 Kix (CT-6116) by QuillSpirit15971 Kix (CT-6116) :iconquillspirit15971:QuillSpirit15971 8 0 Tup (CT-5385) by QuillSpirit15971 Tup (CT-5385) :iconquillspirit15971:QuillSpirit15971 6 3 Clone JetPack Trooper by TerritoryTunguska Clone JetPack Trooper :iconterritorytunguska:TerritoryTunguska 14 8 OPEN naruto Adoptable 20usd. (4/5) by aleiah-art OPEN naruto Adoptable 20usd. (4/5) :iconaleiah-art:aleiah-art 37 9 Hinata in bikini by AlisaPosmashnaya Hinata in bikini :iconalisaposmashnaya:AlisaPosmashnaya 40 0 Sakura and Hinata by AlisaPosmashnaya Sakura and Hinata :iconalisaposmashnaya:AlisaPosmashnaya 50 0



Palpatine Arrest Team
Jedi Masters Saesee Tiin, Agen Kolar, Mace Windu and Kit Fisto. Four Jedi Masters went in to arrest Palpatine, who is The Sith Lord Darth Sidious, and none of them came out.

Agen Kolar - Deceased
Saesee Tiin - Deceased 
Kit Fisto - Deceased
Mace Windu - Fate Unknown. Some say he's dead. Others, alive. I'm STILL believing he is alive.

Star Wars © Lucasfilms and Disney.
Full Name: Gwen McCarthy

Age: 45

Hometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Part: Democrat

Bio: Gwen is a College Teacher in Harvard University. She learned at Harvard and now she became a teacher, specialized in History, Government, Literature, Art & Music. She has been getting a lot of attention, due to her sizes of her bust. But, she doesn't seem to be bothered by what anyone thinks. Someday, she dreams of a man to fall in love with her, not for her bosom, but for her beauty. She enjoys a nice walk in the park, cooking, ghost stories & more.



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I got one more week of school left and I'm home free. All I have to do now is to take me finals and I'm free from school; forever.Victory Dance 


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John (Johnny Boy) Lyons
Artist | Student | Other
United States
I make comics to support the things I like. Like, Naruto, anime, Ben 10, Lego, Etc. I costimize lego minifigures for my minifigure collection.

Social Media… (LegoMaker961) YouTube Stamp by TipsyDigital (LegoDecalsMaker961) Twitter Stamp by TipsyDigital… (JohnnyYankee96)… (FederalSoldier1861)… (legomaker961)

Diamond Sword Icon - FREE TO USE by BeckyTheBunny Minecraft LEGOMaker961… (USGrantfan1864)… (PrivateJohnnyYankee 1861) (BillyYankee1861)

Things I like

Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 DC Comics Stamp by NewEraUsher USA Flag by mysage Walt Disney World Stamp by Pirka Civil War Buff by KittyBlues Ghost Adventures by shannor Assassin's Creed by legomykeyblade ASFJerome Stamp by CrystheWaterNinja Tsunade by AoiKita rangiku matsumoto stamp by NaruHinauntiltheend2 I love Bleach stamp by Oushuu I LOVE Minecraft Stamp by black--werewolf Deadlox Stamp by CrystheWaterNinja TrueMU Stamp by CrystheWaterNinja SkyDoesMinecraft Stamp by CrystheWaterNinja history channel stamp by keysan Civil War stamp by Siarczek Impractical Jokers Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241 Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Yandere Simulator Stamp by EuropeanWildcat Big Boobs LOVER by 0Guardian0 boobs  stamp by MisuzumiyaIchirouta Angry Video Game Nerd Stamp by laprasking (Request) I like Original and prequel of Star Wars by KittyJewelpet78 Star Wars Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoid Stamp: Charlie Hebdo by Rhayian Gods + Generals Movie Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman Timothy Fan Stamp by Wildcat1999 NWR Tales Fan Stamp by SlickDoodleGuy Light Side by Cubist-Assassin64 SMG4 stamp by emeruga Gettysburg Movie Stamp by dA--bogeyman Stooges Stamp by milquest

Things I hate (What I mean, Shows I don't like - like Teen Titans Go, Uncle Grandpa and more.)

(Request) Anti Uncle Grandpa Show Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Twilight Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Sanjay and Craig Stamp by The-Devious-Wolf Anti Breadwinners Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 (Request) Anti Clarence Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Legends of Chima Show Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Jersey Shore Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Fanboy and Chum Chum Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Mad TV Show by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Teen Titans Go Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Aydan Bentley by culdeefan4

Real about me (Please don't criticize.)
Democrat Voter Stamp by SailorSolar Obama 08 by dugonline :Gay Rights: by Minty-Hippo Stamp - Autism by MauserGirl Losing Internet Connection by fear-the-brilliance I don't like it... by prosaix Daily... by prosaix Never... by prosaix I listen to music while i draw by Tontora Fries stamp - Amersill by stamps-club Democratic Stamp v.2 by MotleyDreams Liberal Stamp by MotleyDreams Straight for LGBT Stamp by lightpurge I Believe In the Paranormal by BloodRedVampress Obama Support Stamp by Avell-Angel I support reenacting by BerylRoll05 I Use Google Chrome Pixel Stamp by Sleepy-Stardust Don't Drink stamp by RichiHart Da Stamp - Human Rights 01 by tppgraphics Autism Stamp by jocund-slumber Anit Trump-Stamp by SpiderFingers15 Donald trump is NOT my president by UnseenIvy Pro Net Neutrality Stamp by TheArtFrog

Nationality through family

Flag of Ireland Stamp by xxstamps , German Flag Stamp by xxstamps , Flag of Italy Stamp by xxstamps , Scots Flag Stamp by xxstamps , Flag of UK Stamp by xxstamps & American Flag Stamp by xxstamps

Groups I am in.

:iconkisekaejediorder: KisekaeJediOrder

:iconlegosuperheroesclub: LegoSuperHeroesClub

:iconkisekae-no-jutsu: Kisekae-no-Jutsu

:icontheamericancivilwar: TheAmericanCivilWar

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